Anti-Bullying Information

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Mrs. Kristin Flowers 
Guidance Counselor, (856) 547-8402

Click here to view the Community presentation from 2/22/2016.

HIB Policy: http://www.straussesmay.com/seportal/Public/DistrictPolicy.aspx?policyid=5512&search=harassment&id=ba9fed582f6e4dd193efb6a7a49b4cbb

2015-2016 HIB Grades:
Avon - 75/78
Woodland - 75/78
Click here to view our HIB Grade Report for the 2014-2015 school year.
School Anti-Bullying Specialists for 2016-2017

Erica Napoli
School: Avon
Title: Teacher
Phone: 547-6632
Email: enapoli@barringtonschools.net

Kelly Petitt
School: Woodland
Title: Teacher
Phone: 547-8402
Email: kpetitt@barringtonschools.net