Gifted and Talented Program

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Gifted and Talented Program

The Gifted and Talented Program is open to students in grades 1 through 8.  
The selection process is made up of two phases with each phase using multiple measures.

Overview of process to identify gifted and talented students in the Barrington School District:

Phase 1:

A student must meet the following criteria to be considered a candidate for screening:

  1. A recommendation by a classroom or special area teacher.

  2. An A average on all benchmark tests for the previous and current school year.

  3. A DRA or Reading level at least 2 grades levels above.

  4. In all grades, a MAP score of at least 2 grade levels above in both Math and Reading.

  5. A score of M or E, in each section, on the most recent NJSLA test.

      6. In grades 1-4, a student must attain a score of a 3 or 4 for each skill on their previous grade levels end of year report card. In grades 5-8, a student must have an A or B in every academic class for the previous school year and current school years report card. 

Phase 2:

If a candidate meets the above criteria, the student will be eligible for phase two of the selection process.

The final phase will include a point system based on multiple measures from the data using the student's MAP, NJSLA, DRA, and benchmark tests, in addition to their score on the Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary Students. Using all of the data, a determination will be made for selection.

**A student receiving BSI services are ineligible for screening.

Testing can take place at any point in the school year.
New students who have been identified as gifted and talented in their former district will have to meet the above criteria to enter the program.

If you have questions regarding our Gifted and Talented Program, please contact Joan Stetser at jstetser@barringtonschools.net.