Board and District Goals

2017-2018 Board and District Goals

Board Goals

1. To provide the necessary financial resources to support the District's instructional programs through prudent management and fiscal responsibility.
2. To continue Board member training through NJSBA and other available resources.
3. The Board will govern the District in an efficient and effective manner providing leadership and representation to benefit the students, staff and the community at large serving as an advocate for public education.
4. To maintain and provide adequate facilities to support our curriculum and provide a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.
5. The Board will support the district's efforts to promote a positive home-school connection by recognizing the achievements of students and staff at Board meetings and through other appropriate means.

District Goals

1. Expand and increase our efforts and commitment to the collection and analysis of data resulting in meaningful feedback to students, along with ongoing informative communication with parents/guardian
2. To continue to enhance and sustain opportunities for technology integration and student engagement
3. To continue to provide useful and meaningful professional development for all staff members.
4. To begin the process of transitioning from traditional to Standard Based Grading in grades K through 5.
5. To improve students’ ability and performance in the areas of writing and language proficiency.
6. To maintain and increase communication access with all stakeholders using multiple types of communication such as district website, newsletter, Blackboard Connect, Twitter, text messages, email and Facebook.

Approved at the 10/9/2017 Board of Education Meeting