Board and District Goals

2016-2017 Board and District Goals

Board Goals

1.  The Board of Education will continue to build positive relations with the community through a combination of continuous communications and programs, including surveys, designed to encourage community involvement and the promotion of the school district.

2. The Board of Education will identify major capital projects that must be funded to ensure a comprehensive and educational environment that supports the arts, academics and athletics.

3.  The members of the Board of Education will increase their participation in professional workshop and conferences during the 2016-2017 school year by approximately 15% over their participation rate during the 2015-2016 school year.

District Goals

Professional Development

1. The district will provide all staff with professional development related to cultural competency and responsiveness.

School Safety

2. In light of the New Jersey School Security Task Force July 2015 report and the recommendations suggested in the report, the district will take measures to increase safety at both school campuses.

Personnel Alignment

3. The district will continue to review the alignment of personnel to ensure the most effective structure is in place to deliver instruction and provide oversight of student outcomes.

STEAM Program

4. The district will implement a K-8 STEAM Program utilizing the components of the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).  The program will be conducted through the integration of student projects into daily lessons.  Professional development will be provided to teachers to successfully implement the program.

Student Achievement – Literacy and Dyslexia

5. The district will continue to implement strategies in the area of Dyslexia beyond what is mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Approved at the 8/22/2016 Board of Education Meeting