Board and District Goals

2020-2021 Board Goals

The Board of Education will:

1. Provide technology, programs, and other resources that reflect 21st Century skills and promote positive student outcomes.
2. Ensure that all students and staff have a safe and healthy environment and an appropriate place to learn and work.
3. Continue to provide resources and materials which will enhance our special education programs.
4. Create an environment which will develop an understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of racial, cultural, ethnic, social, religious, gender and sexuality diversity.

2020-2021 District Goals

1. To continue providing useful, required and meaningful professional development for all staff members.
2. To continue sustaining social emotional learning (SEL) practices to increase knowledge and competencies that promote and provide an equitable environment for all students through professional development and integration with classroom instruction.
3. Conduct an assessment to be presented to the Board of Education of district special education services including, but not limited to, a detailed report of existing programs, demographics, pre-classification intervention procedures, and the number of out-of-district placements by June 2021.
4. To continue to strengthen community-school relations through effective communications by utilizing technologies such as the Superintendent’s online dialogue using Facebook as well as text messaging, district website, newsletters, twitter and email.